" You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ."



HOUSE OF ALL is not a brand, but a movement in the making! 

Together with you, we want to design a better way of fashion. One, where nobody is left behind. One, that prioritizes Mother Nature.

All can borrow clothing from the community pool. 
All can participate in the design process if they wish. 
All can have a say in shaping our future

We are All. Wear All.


House of All is not an ordinary brand, it is a holistic model for the stewardship of clothing. 
Our approach strives for local circular economy, where clothes are designed, produced and used in small communities according to principles of circularity (cosmo-local manufacturing). This promotes regional needs and reduces the influence of mass production. Through the communal use and care of the clothing, we create an inclusive ecosystem that does not disadvantage anyone.
To achieve this, we rely on the principle of commoning and the values of open source. Similar to Solidarity Agriculture, we share the costs and use the resources collectively. Transparent designs and community participation can reduce development costs and promote sustainable fashion.


The House of All is not about owning clothes, but about communal use, about handling the value of "sustainable clothing". We make clothes available in a common pool. Here you can borrow and change clothes as often as you like. This gives access to sustainably produced clothing that would normally be unaffordable, and together we reduce the waste of resources. 
We are currently in the process of designing the new website and technically simplifying the process. In addition, we would like to optimise the system together with local Design Talents. To do so we now enable 6 Designers to lend their clothes via the pool. From spring 2023, the pool will be open to everyone.

Zwei Menschen sind von Scheitel bis sTaille abgebildet. Die linke Person trägt eine hellblaue Jacke und fasst an den Knopf. Die rechte Person, weiblich gelesen, trägt eine grüne Jacke und schaut zufrieden nach oben. Foto credits Franziska Brodhun




 Following nature we follow circular pinciples in everything we do. That means we are conscious to reuse, repair & recycle everything and keep it in a closed loop. Because we
love our Earth, and have no Planet B


We believe in strong communities. Our goal is to decentralise fashion and become radically regional. For now we are just glad to use European materials with few exceptions. If we
may save valuable materials from wasteland we support our local dealer and let you know. The transormation requires a shift in consumerism, breaking the global supply chain and involves research into new materials.


As opposed to Growth Logic. We follow the urge and love Earth enough to put HER first in all decision making. The plan suggests an uncompromising deadline of ten years until all
resource consumption must be reduced by factor 4-20, that‘s 75% - 95%. And they know! (Fletcher, K. & Tham, M (2019): Earth Logic. Fashion Action Research Plan, London, The J.J.
Charitable Trust https://www.earthlogic.info)


What you see is what you get. We are all working on the same plan and have no time for selling „cats in bags“ or brainwashing you into buying stuff you don‘t need with false promises. Remember, we don‘t want to sell anything, really. It‘s share, wear & care.


We share our secrets and make information available to you
regarding everything from company internals to supply chain.
Because we strongly believe you should know since these
details are empowering you.


House of All is for all humans. Applying our community based
design method means you all can get involved. House of All aims to make sustainable clothing affordable & accessible to all of you. Every single one, no matter what background, age, size or political views you have (no time for fascist, racist, homophobic behaviour EVER)


Open source is a powerful way of cocreation not only enhancing product feasibility through crowd development but also creating emotional value: being the creator of something implies personal commitment to care


From relationships to nature, materials, machines, education and research: we believe in the interconnectivity of all, in resonance. So for best results let‘s strive to foster healthy development of all: ourselves as well as everyone and everything else around. It also means we are keen to help educate young humans to aid a better understanding of global supply chain issues and related implications, foremost though to offer ways to act and change the system that‘s destroying their future.